Nov 17, 2020

Many of you may remember Cody His mother was desperately searching for him, trying to help save his life. He was eventually found, and I was able to get him a scholarship into treatment. He did GREAT out there, and it was amazing to watch him grow in his recovery. However when COVID hit, he decided he wanted to be closer to his family during uncertain times, so he came home. 

Unfortunately like many people struggling with addiction, he relapsed during the pandemic. So many recovery services were shut down, in person counseling, meetings, gyms etc all things that were huge cornerstones in his recovery. 

After a period of time struggling Cody and his mother reached out to me trying to figure out what to do next. I was able to find him another good center to go to, and get back on his feet. 

Today Cody is coming back up on his 90 days clean and sober 🔥🔥

I wanted to post this story to remind people that recovery is a journey, relapse is NOT a requirement but it often happens. The slip may have happened, but that isn’t the end of the road. You can come back from a relapse, you CAN recover!!!