Nov 17, 2020


A lot of people think that living as a couple is always peachy, but this is the real reality.

Living with the person you love is not what everyone thinks it is. You don’t wake up early in the morning for breakfast together in bed every morning. It’s not snuggling in bed together until you sleep peacefully every night. It’s not always having the house clean and food freshly made every day.

Living with the person you love is arguing for simple things, like who forgot to take out the trash, it’s sleeping because the day has been hard and you’re exhausted, it’s arguing over financial issues, it’s someone who takes your bedsheets away when you sleep and you wake up in the cold. 

But despite everything, every day you expect to see that person eagerly or go home everyday to meet that same person you know loves you and cares about you. You laugh together the moment you do something funny, it’s intimacy with each other, it’s cooking dinner together as you talk and making it easier because you both had a complicated day.

It’s living an emotional crisis and having someone who sits next to you, hugs you and tells you that everything will be fine and you believe it.

It’s loving that same person even when it drives you freaking crazy and pulls you out of your box.

Living with the person you love is arguing for silly things constantly, but it’s also having a love that many people spend their lives looking for. It’s the times that people try to break you up, but the love was stronger. It’s not perfect and it’s very difficult to keep it balanced every day, but it’s wonderful and the best you can experience, because if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth it.
That’s why every day you need to remember…”NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS SEE YOU AT HOME.” ❤